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Conductive VS Hi-Strength Retaining Nut

Conductive VS Hi-Strength Retaining Nut

Conductive Fasteners
Our conductive fasteners are used where current will pass through the fastener. The electrical properties are such that conductivity is superior to mechanical fasteners.

Using copper as a standard: 100%
- Brass conductivity: 37%
- Stainless steel conductivity: 2.4%

Mechanical Fasteners
Our retaining fasteners are used where current does not need to pass through the fastener. An example of this would be at the end of a connection post, to tighten an assembly.

Conductive nuts include: brass, tin-plated brass. On some bus material: nickel-plated brass. Brass is used for its superior conductivity to stainless steel.

Mechanical nuts: stainless steel. Stainless steel is used to tighten, or torque an assembly. Steel is much harder, and can handle higher torque before distortion.
Brass and copper are more expensive than steel, and is only used where conductivity is required

Conductivity nuts are installed by the factory, and must be left in its original position.

When installing multiple lug or ring terminals, washers are not recommeded between terminals.

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